For several years, Alina Merkau awakens the audience in a good mood in the “breakfast television”. But now the moderator talks about serious health problems.

Update from September 7: In an interview with “Bild” Alina Merkau has now talked about her private life and surprised with a shock confession: After the birth of her daughter Rosa she had severe health problems. In the first four months she lost 20 kilos. “I ate like a barn thresher, barely exercising. But the kilos tumbled just like that, “recalls the presenter.” Rosa sucked me out, “said the 33-year-old.
In the end, she was even so weakened that on medical prescription she was given artificial nutrition so as not to lose weight any more. Breastfeeding Alina felt more and more powerless. But five months after Rosa’s birth, she had to return to her job, which was anything but easy. “At the worst stage, I had little strength to be there for my baby and job,” says Alina.
Sat.1 Breakfast TV: Alina Merkau hides two body parts from men’s eyes
News from September 6: Cologne – For several years, Alina Merkau is on time at 5.30 clock on Sat.1 “breakfast television” on the air and starts with her colleagues and spectators always with a dazzling mood in the day. But even if everything goes smoothly in front of the cameras, the presenter has been able to experience some awkward stories and extremely bizarre moments over time. Merkau chats in a particularly open express interview about an embarrassing situation in the studio and strange requests from men.
Sat.1- “Breakfast TV” surprises regularly with crazy actions
To wake up their sleepy audience, the moderators like to come up with the craziest actions. One or the other provocation through bizarre jokes or terse outfits – for example , the moderators once brought half the country against them , while the celebrity expert Vanessa Blumhagen regularly shows quite freely .
Sat.1- “Breakfast TV”: That was Alina Merkau’s most embarrassing moment
Alina Merkau, on the other hand, once with an involuntary stunt unintentionally caused so many laughs, as she remembers in the Express . “I flew across the couch when I wanted to chase my ex-colleague Jan Hahn and I have – in good German – totally packed on his mouth.” But even if that initially hurt really, proves the presenter humor: “In the At the moment, I thought to myself, ‘Alina, sometimes you can also drive down a tick,’ she jokes meanwhile about her mishap.
“Breakfast TV” presenter Alina Merkau gets disreputable inquiries from men
Alina Merkau also reveals that sometimes she is more than just baffled by what requests she encounters on the Internet. “It’s also an issue that I’m really not keen on – that men watch foot videos of me,” commented the presenter on the strange preferences of some fans in the Express. But what sounds like an unusual fetish at first, is not that rare, according to Merkau. So the question that is most asked her in the social networks is whether she could not send foot photos or socks. But “I can say with a clear conscience that I’ve never done that,” affirms Merkau.
Instead, she and her facilitator colleagues have already developed a strategy to best address such bizarre tastes: “By now, it’s true that we’re trying girls on breakfast television to stop showing their feet in the recording.”
Most recently, however, a viewer went one step further and demanded that the presenters undress.
Alina Merkau: These comic offers get the “breakfast television” moderator from their fans
But that’s not all: “There are super-comic inquiries,” Merkau wonders. Thus, the users have often surprised with marriage proposals, holiday offers or dinner invitations. “I generally do not respond, because I believe that you should pay as little attention to the people as possible and I’m not keen on sexual offers,” said the moderator.
But even if she does not care, the presenter was more than happy at last about the many answers of the users,  when she had asked for help because of a completely different error.
Maybe she should have done so in terms of fashion and ask her fans for advice on this point, because in the past Alina Merkau was often criticized for their outfits – until recently, the roles apparently turned.