“Breakfast TV” (Sat 1): Alina Merkau talks about perverts
The moderators do not have it easy with ” Breakfast TV ” on Sat.1. You have to get up very early and still look dazzling. And every little slip of the tongue is discussed right up and down the net.
But even more makes the “ breakfast TV ” presenters around Alina Merkau, that she is also under constant observation of perverts, as she reveals to the Express.

“Breakfast TV” on Sat 1: Moderators do not do this particular thing anymore

“It’s all about rockblitz and a lot about feet. And it’s also a topic that I’m really not keen on – that men watch foot videos of me. No joke: Meanwhile, it’s really the case that we try girls from breakfast television, that the feet are no longer shown in the recording. It’s not that I did not talk about it with other colleagues. “

This is Alina Merkau:

  • Alina Merkau was born on March 21, 1986 in West Berlin
  • She is a German television and radio presenter and actress
  • After graduation she studied Applied Media / Media Acting
  • She also played at “Dr. Sommerfeld – News from the Bülowbogen “with

“Breakfast TV”: spectators ask for foot photos

But the thing goes even further. Thus, Alina Merkau reveals that she is also frequently asked for certain services: “Incidentally, it is also the most frequently asked question in social networks: whether I could not send foot photos or socks? I can say with a clear conscience that I have never done that. “

Questions about holidays, weddings and dinner together

Other requests would be, for example, after a vacation together, a wedding or specific food offers. Merkau to the Express : “I generally do not answer, because I believe that you should pay as little attention to the people as possible and I am not keen on sexual offers.”