Lifetime kicks off its Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up with The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Move over Regina George! Katrina is here to slay.
Denise Richards stars in the first film of Lifetime’s highly-anticipated Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up. The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders follows Ava (Savannah May) and her mother, Candice (Richards) as they relocate into a new town.
It has been almost two years since Ava’s father passed away. Since his passing, Ava has struggled with drugs and alcohol to cope with her grief. Candice believes relocating to a new town and school will give Ava the fresh start she needs.
Unfortunately, the new school doesn’t have a dance team, which used to be Ava’s passion. She’ll have to make do with trying out for the mighty Lions cheer team where she comes face to face with the Queen Bee herself, Katrina (Allie DeBerry).
5. The cheerleading initiation begins.
Considering the opening of the film consists of lion-mask-wearing cheerleaders tormenting another girl, you should have seen a vicious initiation coming down the pipeline. Once the four new cheerleaders, including Ava, find out they’re on the team, their happiness is short-lived.
No sooner do they get acquainted with the perks of popularity do they find themselves trapped in an underground cage. To pass the first trial, Alex, Tiffany, Ava, and Julie must escape before fire consumes them! Don’t worry. It’s not real fire, Katrina uses a fog machine to fool her recruits into hyperventilating. She’s a real peach, isn’t she?
The intensity of the film’s opening scene sets the stakes. I liked this scene because it delivers on our expectations of how dark and over-the-top (and fun) The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders will be.
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