“I saw Katie Holmes wearing a cashmere bra, so I bought a cashmere bra,” one Twitter user said.
Before we saw Katie Holmes wearing Khaite’s iconic cashmere bra and sweater combination, let us fall directly into the fall fashion frenzy.

Holmes raised his arm and went down the taxi. He experienced what some people call the wardrobe accident, but we call it the absolute style of casual wardrobe genius – probably a new easy wardrobe trend.
The actress wore a loose cashmere cardigan and raised her arm, perhaps inadvertently revealing a cashmere-clad cashmere bra. When you see it, the bralette is the perfect boundary between comfort and luxury, accompanied by the chill of the cracks – obviously we are not the only one who thinks so.

According to The Cut, after the New York brand, Khaite was responsible for the production of Scarlett cardigans ($2,291) and Eda bralette ($A$7) – thanks to their luminescence after the breakup in Sherlock Holmes, it took only an hour. To use the trend of pairing cashmere bras and cardigans to completely eliminate the brand.
When asked why Sherlock Holmes’s cashmere selection resonated so much with shoppers, Kate’s founder and creative director, Catherine Holstein, told The Cut that she thought the interest was “obvious”.
“I want everything in a cashmere sweater,” she told The Cut. “I want a cashmere house. Why not a bra?” Continue to personally guarantee privacy for private, Holstein said she never wavered genius. “I have been making cashmere bras for two years now, and I really believe that people will eventually become popular.”
Now choosing the knitwear that has been sold out, Holmes maintains a loose, messy loaf of bread, a pair of classic straight-leg jeans and a pair of low-heeled black braids. After entering the appearance of the peeping bra, we feel that Holmes’ next style movement will continue to be praised by the tailor.