Kim Kardashian showed off her new shapewear collection in the most Kardashian way ever: with an Instagram thirst trap.

The reality star and businesswoman, who is launching her new line SKIMS Solutionwear in September, took to social media to model the new collection, looking as glam as ever in the process.

Sat on the ledge of her marble bath (major interiors goals, btw), the 38-year-old posed in the Sculpting Bodysuit from the collection, gazing into the distance as she showed off her incredible body.

Seriously, if this piece can make us look anything like Kim, we’ll take 10… Her first foray into the world of body-slimming clothing garments, Kim’s SKIMS line has already faced its fair share of controversy (and it hasn’t even launched yet!) Originally called Kimono, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star changed the name following accusations online of cultural appropriation to SKIMS, which we have to say is kind of genius.

Kim also enlisted Alice Marie Johnson, the 64-year-old woman she freed from prison through her burgeoning law career, to model for the company.

This move has divided commenters online, with some praising Kim for giving Alice the opportunity while others have called it exploitative.

In the promotional video, Alice thanked Kim for all her help and support, saying: ‘I was serving a life plus 25 year sentence without the possibility of parole.

Kim saw a video of me, she heard my story, she said: “This is so unfair.” ‘She went to war for me, to fight for my freedom. That’s why I call her my war angel, because nothing stood between her and my freedom.