First register your PayPal personal account/merchant account and you must use the real information to fill in (Chinese can use Chinese). Fill in the ID address, or just fill in the town (you can add a new address later). If the name needs to be changed or other reasons lead to the need to cancel the account,
the steps are as follows: Ps: The official website description is: Please ensure that all transactions have been completed for at least 180 days. (basically not used)
1. PayPal balance needs to be 0.
2. The credit card or debit card has to be removed (in fact, it does not affect the removal of the card, but it is recommended to remove it)
3. Click on the settings in the upper right. At the bottom of the account options, you can see the logout account. After clicking the logout account, do you want to cancel your account? Click on the account to cancel (sometimes the network reason, the first time is unsuccessful, just click again. Log out until it is successful)
After logging out, you can register again and re-register with the original data. After the PayPal account registration is completed, you will be reminded of the account verification. Submit the ID card on the front/back side. Remember to check the “My current address is displayed” submission. Note: Unable to log out of the account on the PayPal application requires a computer operation.